Trends That Have the Power To Change Social Media Marketing


Prior to venturing into any online business, or to have online operations to support your business, it is of prime importance for a company to have a strong social media marketing strategy. But the key to develop an effective strategy is to allocate your resources and effort into the right direction by analyzing the current social media marketing trends and what did not work out the previous year. The trends that must be followed this year are:

  • It has been analyzed that live media has been growing strongly with each passing year. Live video content is engaging more and more people, with the users watching numerous videos in a single day. So invest your time and effort in live videos.
  • Messaging apps are being used by many brands to have a one on one communication with their users. Also there are four billion users in the world, so brands use it as an opportunity to extend their services to their customers.
  • E-commerce has been on a rise for long now. Aspiring brands need to use social media platforms to invest in e-commerce and increase their sales.

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