Windows 10 breaks the internet – for real!


Go to our live Windows 10 tracker to see all the action in real time!

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29th and made it available for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. The internet is showing its love for Windows 10 by buzzing about it non-stop ever since the new update was rolled out. The latest OS will be made available on all future Microsoft devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Owing to the fact that we are avid users and fans of Windows, we felt obligated to create a live Windows 10 tracker that gives you a breakdown of all the buzz around the new darling of operating systems.

Public Tweets

Of all online avenue, Twitter has been the primary conversations driver. Almost 800,000 tweets have been generated since the 29th of July. 

Forgive us for not being multi-lingual but most of the English conversations we went through were positive and leaning towards advocacy.

Web conversations

Mainstream news sites, blogs and forums have been awash with conversations pertaining to – how to guides, features, tips & tricks, bugs, queries, compatible devices, privacy etc. As expected people are flocking to forums for seeking answers to their concerns about security, hidden costs and privacy.

Classification analysis

Using KonnectSocial’s word cloud feature, we were able to identify the various themes around which conversations have been taking place. Based on those themes we’ve classified conversations into their respective conversations buckets.

As visible in the above chart, most of the conversations are around news of the latest Windows update. This is followed by queries about the update and praises. A substantial number of negative conversations have also come to surface following the update in the form of complaints and criticisms. Do go to the live tracker and click on the bar chart to see what exactly people are complaining about.

Top websites

Majority of the web conversations have been driven by a windows discussion forum website. Conversations on this website range from the latest news related to Windows 10 and concerns. The second and third positions for top websites are taken by and

Most Engaged Users (Twitter)

The handle most engaged in conversations about Windows 10 is @WBuzzer. This twitter handle professes to be no. 1 spot for all news, reports, rumours and announcements about Microsoft. By earning the top spot @WBuzzer has lived up to its claim. Until the time of publishing this post, this handle mentioned Windows 10 952 times! The second and Third spots were earned by @TomMSFT and @Aoandosaraki with 917 and 906 mentions respectively.

Engaged users with maximum followers

This is a descending list of users who have engaged in conversations about Windows 10 and have the maximum number of followers. Top engaged user @BBCWorld made a single re-tweet from its sister handle @BBCClick about Windows 10 and was greeted with 72 re-tweets. BBC was followed by CNN’s Spanish handle @CNNEE and Indonesian handle @detikcom.

Conversations on social media profiles

The conversations on Windows’ Twitter handle and Facebook page have gone down from a high of 26,517 on 29th of July to just 484 at the time of publishing this post. 

Engagement as percentage of fans

The engagement as a percentage of fans chart is a good indicator of how well a brand is able to connect with its fan base. On the day of making the announcement Windows’ engagement on Twitter was 471.5% percent of its followers, while on Facebook it was a mere 0.02%. 

Language wise conversations

As expected, maximum conversations were generated in English. The number 2 and 3 spots were occupied by Japanese and Spanish respectively. 

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