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Are bots ready to respond to customer queries on social media?


Bots will replace mobile applications; Bots will replace email marketing;  Bots will replace customer care executives; Bots will blow your revenue streams, and, they will do this, while you are probably asleep. According to Facebook’s commitments, your bot/chatbot is your connection to the 900 million people using messenger. Bots has a predefined ability, thanks to its AI backend, to automatically engage with customers on Facebook Messenger. But the real question is, that are chatbots technological capabilities really valid? Let’s back our claims:

Chatbots, Customers and the culture of immediacy:

Internet today is always-on, which has dramatically changed the customer expectations. Majority of  customers agree that they prefer businesses with instant messaging, rather than monotonous, painfully patient, and frustrating telephonic customer service.

Response privilege drives the perception that companies should be ready to respond anywhere and at anytime in order to preserve their hard-earned recognition and secure their loyal customer base. A waiting customer can dramatically change the perception of your brand instantly. The fate of making a sale changes automatically to a bad feedback.

Since the immediacy argument is relevant, let’s have a look at the other benefits of bots:

Chatbots don’t sleep: Customer Service are bound to human hours of work, a suitable, 9 hours of back and forth calls, chats and backend support, but chatbots can understandably work 24×7, generate potential leads, field queries, forward enquiries to teams, and process orders.

As noted from various forums, majority of customers want to engage with chatbots, which means that the traditional marketing that pushed away disengaged and empathetic customers, chatbots can actually turn them into potential leads, all done while you nap.

Chatbots- Konnect Insights

Chatbots works like a charm with Digital Marketing: With chatbots, the more you think about them, the more opportunities you might seem to have. Chatbots can make personalized interactions with targeted customers, and present them with offers that are relevant to their interests. They build a rapport with the audience, rapport means loyalty and loyalty means continuous revenue.

Chatbots goes where traditional marketing can’t: Thanks to the AI that backs Chatbots, they are programmed or trained to ask questions like ‘What’s your favourite pizza topping?’, ‘How often do you go to the movies?’ and ‘What’s your dream holiday destination?’, which of course, the costliest marketing strategy cannot do.

How is this great? For a variety of reasons;

  • Chatbots remember the data so you get a rich data that contains your exact audience
  • You can create interactions that have more personalized feel to it, making a customer feel, attended to.
  • Send more relevant offers that are authentic to their interests

They are easier than applications and their time is now: Chatbots gives businesses the ability to have a more meaningful, objectified or personalized interactions with a limitless audience. The need to drain the customer service becomes irrelevant.

The bottom line: Yes, bots are ready to handle customer queries, with purified perfection, and early adopters can transform audience engagement, reach and market share, all done through instant messaging.

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