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YouTube Is Removing Channels From Its Partner Program That Post Duplicate Content


YouTube is removing channels from its Partner Program for content duplication so that the channels are no longer able to monetize duplicate content.

YouTube channels are being taken out from its Partner Program for violating any of its policies, but the one area which has had people asking questions lately is content duplication.

In order to clarify all the confusion, a company representative has begun a thread on the YouTube Help forum to describe what it means to be taken out of the YouTube Partner Program for content duplication.

What Exactly Does YouTube Consider As Content Duplication?

Duplicate content is just not limited to violating copyright.

As per YouTube’s Partner Program policies, channels are permitted to monetize their content once it adds value and is authentic and relevant.

Sometimes, the Partner Program can allow channels to reuse content from various other sources.

Channels can nevertheless monetize reused content if they include significant original narration, educational value and high-quality editing.

Even if a channel gets commercial usage rights to use the other channel’s content, it still won’t be able to monetize or qualify for the YouTube Partner Program unless it fulfils the above criteria.

Examples of Channels Being Removed For Content Duplication

YouTube can remove channels for content duplication if:-

  • The content appears to be automatically generated.
  • The content is hauled from third-party resources without any original content being added.
  • The content is uploaded elsewhere and the channel in question is not the original uploader and does not hold its copyrights.

Channels which have been removed from the YouTube Partner Program for copying are given the opportunity to delete or update their content to avoid duplication and abide by YouTube’s policies.

Modifications to be made if your channel was removed for content duplication:

  • Add commentary or narrations in your videos (voice or on screen).
  • Link back to your own YouTube channel from your website and social media pages.
  • Make sure the content you upload or update meets their policies.

Once the duplicated content has been deleted or updated, channels can reapply for the YouTube Partner Program within 30 days.

Subsequently, YouTube will then examine the application and decide whether to reinstate the channel or not.

The platform hasn’t thrown much light onto the reviewing procedure. Quite a few creators aren’t pleased with the procedure as they accuse them of removing their channels falsely.

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