Facebook Marketing Mistakes Marketers Need To Avoid


For advertisements on Facebook, there need to be a disciplined strategy and approach. You may experience problems on this particular social media networking platform. Let us discuss a few mistakes entrepreneurs make in common whilst advertising on Facebook.

  1. Not considering Video as a Tool For Marketing

Average Engagement video as a tool for marketing- Konnect Insights

According to research conducted by BuzzSumo on content and engagements on Facebook, it has been found that video posts reveal a rise in interactions. Advertisers not accepting video advertising strategies, may lose in engagement. In fact, it is said that there was a 10 percent increase in engagement over the past year with video content. Yet video posts are still nowhere near as prominent as other types of content on Facebook. Here marketers have an opportunity to gain traction by producing video-based ads.

  2. Being Less Specific About Targeting

Not getting your targeting plan right can lead you into a number of problems. And, so entrepreneurs are marketers and are advised to be realistic while deciding the number of individuals they want to target with their products, services, or brand.

You may take help of Facebook’s advertising panel and receive suggestions about the potential number of individuals you can reach by spending a particular amount.

If your audience is too big, narrow it down by targeting geographical locations, age ranges, genders, behaviours and interests.

  3. Not Tracking your Ads Consistently

It is important to track a campaign’s functionality for its success. Marketers can perform it with Facebook’s Automation Tools. Consider your targeted audience’s feedback/comments in your own advertisements and get to understand if your campaign is performing well as per their interests. Avoid targeting similar kind of audience with the same content again & again otherwise it might frustrate your audience.

  4. Choosing the Wrong Ad Type

There are various types of ad formats offered by Facebook and therefore a marketer should choose the most appropriate ad type depending on their campaign’s objective. When you need desired outcomes, your ads must be the most suitable.

There are many advertising options to pick from, ads intended to attract traffic to brand awareness to urging users to install your app, etc. When you get familiar with the types of ads and the purpose behind it, you can save yourself from selecting an ad type which might not allow you to associate with your targeted audience.

  5. Experimenting Too Many Things At Once

While testing different types of Facebook ads with your targeted audience, marketers should carefully monitor the ad’s performance especially if you’re including ads with images. Here, you need to segregate variables to check. When not doing so, it becomes really hard to understand and recognize the variable bringing a valuable response.

As a marketer, it is smart to be as flexible as you can while resisting the urge to make drastic decisions. Crafting individual Facebook campaigns is nothing different. Advertisers often pull the plug on campaigns that don’t secure immediate, positive outcomes. Having patience often results in larger than anticipated payoffs.

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