Konnect Insights Gets High Recognition from the Leading SaaS Review Platform- Konnect Insights

Konnect Insights Gets High Recognition from the Leading SaaS Review Platform


Konnect Insights, a performer in delivering an invaluable asset to the organizations, i.e. an outsider’s perspective, observed, noted, analyzed from every degree and collected at one single dashboard, won the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards this year by FinancesOnline.

In today’s uncertain online environment, investment in Social Media R&D at a very competitive cost has become an immediate requirement. Konnect Insights has recognized this disconnect and importance of the social media deliverables, and had developed a social tool that brings the digital transformation going online all at one single place, i.e. their beautiful and dynamic dashboard. FinancesOnline’s experts recognized in their Konnect insights overview the platform’s efficiency in these aspects and noticed that customers were highly pleased with its capabilities.

An automated classification of online jargon

Clients, customers and audience want a long-term support, especially at this time of digital disruption. Customer feedback has become more important than ever and quick resolution from start to finish is the battle companies fight for every day. A certain level of trust in a customer is the key to repeat business, which social media filtration today has made difficult to achieve. Responses/feedbacks/negative criticisms is just one faulty support away.

Konnect Insights has perceived this sensitive gap and transformed it into a digital resolution, easy, consistent and fabricated from all social media angles, further allowing the client to have a comprehensive support. This is why the FinancesOnline team includes Konnect Insights in their best social media monitoring software category.

The Konnect Insights Team

At Konnect Insights, everyone is guided by a shared purpose, i.e. to make an impact that matters. The truest measure of Konnect Insights is derived not by its operational potential, or the magnitude of excellence achieved in services, but by the impact, that is created in the world. FinancesOnline also saw the impact of Konnect Insights in the industry, recommending us as one of the top social media monitoring solutions on the market. The impact that makes a difference for their celebrated clients, and their ultimate target audience, makes Konnect Insights, the winner they are today.

Konnect Insights or management scientists have stayed active to social media algorithm playbooks for a substantial time period, which makes it easier for their team to perceive the manipulated, uncertain, eventful and asymmetric reactions online and convert them into an invaluable offering.

They answer three critical questions:

  1. What are your competitors doing or even saying?
  2. What are the insights to your knowledge? What scheme can you develop to manipulate the market response tide towards your shore.
  3. How can you stay engaged with your customers in real time?

Embracing the much required change in digital adaptation, Konnect Insights has won various awards. These awards and recognition are the testament to their commitment towards utilizing the social media revolution, which is capable to turn any business into a potential success.


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