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How Twitter Analytics Is Beneficial For Your Business Growth


Twitter’s analytics tool provides you with valuable information regarding your audience and about your performance on Twitter. Twitter Insights provided lets you improve your performance on their platform. The advantages of using Twitter analytics are listed below. Here are the top four benefits of using Twitter Analytics

      1. Find more information about your tweets

In addition to its net engagement rate, you get to observe that the total amount of impressions and engagements created by means of a tweet. If you notice spikes in the number of impressions on any given day, you can always re-examine those tweets you shared to know what generated them. The Twitter analytics dashboard shows metrics for each and every tweet you post.

     2. Deep dive in your audience demographics

Using Twitter Analytics can get you a clearer picture of who your followers are, understand what languages they use and how they are categorised along age groups, gender and their online purchasing behaviour in addition to their country of residence as well. This information allows you to create a strategy to target your ideal audience on Twitter.

     3. Discover what are the best times in the day to tweet

You already know that you won’t tweet around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. since everybody is sleeping. When you take a look back at your analytics data, you are able to observe patterns of engagement depending on the time of day you tweeted and determine the best hour to tweet on a workday or on weekends.

     4. Validate your Twitter Ads budget

When you are using promoted tweets to attract audiences, you would want to know whether you’re making a good use of your investment or not. Luckily, Twitter analytics enables you to compare organic and promoted impressions so that you are able to obtain an understanding on how well your promoted tweets are doing as compared to your organic ones.

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