Google introduces its first WordPress plugin “Site Kit”


With the many SEO and Google Analytics plugins available for WordPress, it is surprising that Google took so long to launch a plugin, but for now, they have just announced one, named Site Kit by Google.

Site Kit by Google allows users to get information about Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights in your WordPress admin panel.

Site Kit is ideal for website owners that want to access information easily about their respective earnings and audience. Site Kit reveals metrics and insights from four distinct products:

Search Console

Understand how Google discover and render your pages. Track the number of people who saw and visited your website and for what search queries.

Google Analytics

See how users navigate across your website and whether they complete the goals which you have set as conversions.

Google AdSense

Keep track of how much your website is earning through running ads on your website.

PageSpeed Insights

See how your web pages perform compared to other sites that are out there in the real world. Improve your performance with tips suggested by PageSpeed Insights.

Easy Setup and Quicker Access To Data

It is an easy procedure to connect and authenticate your WordPress site to your Google account.  The integration gives you stats for each and every blog that you post and for all the pages already available on the website.

Site Kit - Konnect Insights

Get to the stats in just a few clicks after installing and activating the plugin. Set up additional features to get richer insights from more Google products.

Site Kit Analytics 1 - Konnect Insights

Published milestone stats include total views, average impressions, and average click-through rates (CTRs) of all the pages available on your website.

Site Kit Analytics 2 - Konnect Insights

You can see stats for every page by simply accessing the stats from the admin bar in one single click.

Site Kit by Google is a free plugin bringing insights from various Google products for WordPress websites. Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reporting and product configuration capabilities. Site Kit provides website recommendations and insights optimized for WordPress website owners. Google product and UX leads have worked to make Site Kit simple and handy to use.

Google says the plugin can be installed along with other plugins and it will not conflict in their functioning. They also stated that it would remain a free and open-source plugin. The Site Kit’s beta version will be open to testing in early 2019.

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