YouTube to remove video credits in early 2019


YouTube has disabled the option of giving and editing video credits and existing credits will be axed from all the videos after January 31, 2019.

Video credits enabled video creators on YouTube to credit people and tag all the collaborators who took part in creating the video by tagging them in the video credit section.

Individuals like actors, actresses, writers, editors, artists, musicians who composed your score and even original tracks were able to be credited with links pointing to their channels and videos in the video description.

Given below is an example of how credits appear on the YouTube Video Watch Page:

Youtube Video credits - Konnect Insights

Credits have been around for a little while, but they weren’t very popular. One reason could be that it was only available to channels which had 5,000 subscribers or more. So YouTube has finally decided to eliminate them.

Although users will still get credits while contributing closed captions and subtitles to a video.

As of November 26th creation and editing of video credits has been permanently disabled and existing video credits will still be available till the end of January 2019.

Even though the credit feature is disabled, you can still credit the actors, writers, collaborators by manually mentioning them in the credits in the video description section.

Alternate way channel creators can add credits is by using the end screen feature which allows creators to add links at the end of YouTube videos.

Creators who used credits in their videos regularly can still add them in so many alternate ways.

YouTube says it is working on additional strategies on how to tag collaborators in videos.

YouTube seems to be cutting down its unused features available on its platform. Additionally, it also revealed that YouTube would be permanently eliminating annotations from videos in mid-January. Creators have not been able to create annotations as the annotations editor option was disabled back in May 2017.

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