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Top 5 Video Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Consider In 2019


Making video content has been a problem for most companies, but that’s fine, here is a list of the video marketing tools that you should look before you move into 2019.

     1. Wistia

The platform features a library of tutorials about marketing and video editing. Wistia provides you an embedded video player which you could use for your website. Getting your own video player is vital for your business because using YouTube player might distract with your users with promos and advertisements.

Wistia also provides with a call to action that is clickable and can also be incorporated within your videos.

You can try Wistia for free but you’re restricted to just three videos in the trial version. Subscription begins at $99 a month.

    2. Flipagram

Flipagram is among the platforms where you may turn your images into a video slideshow.

The platform is just not confined to using images here you can also splice videos to create your content.

You can choose a wide range of background music from its music library to add to your video. Besides, you can download Flipagram for your Android and iOS devices as well.

     3. Animoto

Among the most popular video marketing applications available Animoto is one of the tools majorly used by experts.

Animoto provides an online editor which lets you compete with the experts in regards to creating video marketing content. The business claims that you could create great production videos within minutes.

It’s possible to create your own slideshow videos with lots of editing options available. You can decide the font you want, the text size, the right colour, the dimensions and the time.

There are a whole lot of Animoto videos available which you can watch to find out whether the platform is ideal for you or not.

     4. Powtoon

Most of us know how expensive it can be to place personalities in between our videos so you can try animations by using Powtoon.

The software allows you to insert animated characters in between your videos. You can add motions, emotions and make the animated characters interactive.

You could add backgrounds and icons that fit your brand. Have a look at their sample videos to find out everything that you could do with Powtoon.

Subscription charges begin at $19 a month.

    5. WeVideo

This tool is a video editor that is cloud-based. There is a feature named JumpStart that enables video editing at a fast clip. Using JumpStart means you don’t have to wait for your video to upload completely to start working on it.

You get access to a wide range of formats of audio, video, graphics and images present in their library.

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