Instagram now lets you share your pics and stories only with your “Close Friends”


Instagram is starting a brand new feature which will enable its users to share their pics and stories with their close friends only.

Right now, this is a perfect solution for people who wish to keep a balance according to the type of content (whether personal or professional) they are uploading on their Instagram handle.

An increasingly common tendency on Instagram is individuals creating “Finstagrams” (a term coined and very commonly used these days for fake Instagram accounts) especially for sharing different sort of content among their closed ones.

Instagram’s new “Close Friends” feature is probably an answer to the Finstagram trend which is currently going on.

Users with accounts having a mixture of both personal and professional connections will now be able to share posts and stories with the people of their choice. So to do that, users will have to make a “Close Friends” list. The option of creating this list is available in the side menu bar.

Now the next step is to incorporate specific users of your choice to the list. Nobody can request the user to be added and data about who is added in the list is private.

While uploading posts and stories, there’ll be an option to share it with the friends mentioned on the “close friends” list.

Users viewing a post or a story that is shared with close friends will see a green badge on top of the photo or video.

Stories shared with close friends will also be indicated with a green ring around the individual’s profile picture.

Instagram's new feature now lets you share your pics and stories only with your close friends- Konnect Insights

The social network considers this new feature will attract those who have “private accounts” to share more on the platform, as it now allows them to control their viewers.

“Close Friends” is now globally available on Instagram for both iOS and Android devices as well.

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