Instagram adds new interactive ways to engage with your Friends and Followers


Instagram recently rolled out fresh new features to socialize and form stronger connections with your friends and followers. You can now connect with them through music on Instagram stories and view new interactive stickers as well and your followers can respond to your questions stickers using audio from the music library.

Option To Add Countdowns In Stories

Option To Add Countdowns In Instagram Stories- Konnect Insights

Instagram has included a feature to add countdown stickers in its stories. Now marketers can use countdown stickers for any kind of events, webinars and videos they upload. Even e-commerce marketing and advertising businesses can use countdown stickers to promote an upcoming sale, exclusive offers, big discounts, festive bonanza, a flagship product which will be exclusively available on their website only or a limited period offer which is going to end soon.

Users can also follow a countdown and they will receive a notification once the countdown is finally over.

Live Q & A Sessions On Instagram

Question Stickers can now be used during live videos, letting the users get questions from their followers so that they can reply them in real-time.

Live Q & A Sessions On Instagram- Konnect Insights

Live videos happen to be a favorite outlet for replying followers’ questions these days. You can even find celebrities getting engaged with their fans through live videos on major social media platforms, but there may be a case when some people are asking too many questions at the same time, it’s normal for anyone to lose track of the good questions.

So with question stickers now available in live videos any person joining even in the middle of the video can easily see all the questions and also the question which is currently being answered.

Connect With Your Friends And Followers Through Music On Instagram Stories

You can now connect with your friends or followers through music on Instagram stories. It is possible now to send question stickers and you can even send a track from the music library to your followers. You will find a brand new music icon once you start using the question stickers and even when you open your viewer’s list and look at their answers. It’s also possible to capture an image and record videos while the music plays in the background.

The features mentioned above are available on both iOS and Android devices, but broadcasting live videos is currently available on iOS devices only.


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